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Inivted papers

  • Michael Daniel - How much of a partitive is the Russian second genitive?
  • Riho Grunthal - Diachronic bottlenecks of the Uralic partitive

List of accepted papers

  • Jan Davatz and Elisabeth Stark - Unexpected partitive articles in Francoprovençal
  • Tuomas Huumo - Toward a Cognitive Grammar account of the Finnish partitive case
  • Monica Irimia and Patricia Schneider-Zioga - Partitive case and its extensions: sociative causatives in Kinande
  • Ilmari Ivaska - Partitive objects in L2 Finnish: A Laboratory of Construction-specific cross-linguistic influences
  • Ilmari Ivaska and Anne Tamm - Distributional Differences in the Use of Partitives in Estonian and Finnish
  • Andra Kalnača and Ilze Lokmane - Partitive constructions in latvian: the genitive case and agreement variations
  • Dionysios Mertyris - The loss of the partitive and pseudo-partitive functions of the genitive in Greek
  • Helle Metslang and Külli Habicht - Partitive, genitive or nominative? Estonian DOM in written use through centuries
  • Francesco Pinzin and Cecilia Poletto - Oh Partitive Article, where art thou?
  • Ilja Serzant - Towards the diachronic typology of partitives
  • Petra Sleeman, Leonie Cornips, Tabea Ihsane and Giuliana Giusti - (Micro-)variation in the distribution of the partitive pronoun in Romance and Germanic
  • Anne Tamm, Katalin Kubínyi and Gabriella Tóth - Expressing partitivity in Hungarian
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